Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Now I'm all caught up!

I was behind on the prompts but luckily I just finished the latest one. Can't wait for tomorrow's!
Here it goes:

The first one is kind of a pathetic attempt. I will probably come back to this one later:

Word Poem

I was told to write a poem -
with the following words:
Slash, button, mask, strap, balloon;
but nothing came to.
So this is my poem.

It's Too Early

In the morn' I wake,
Sinus pressure I cannot shake.
My head feels funny,
My legs feel like I've been running.
As I make my way -
To the bathroom, my brain delays;
My feet scramble, I begin to fall -
Right into the hallway's wall.
I'm sure to be mixed up,
With my head sporting a nice huge bump.


Her voice whispering softy,
A glow emanating from behind.
She reaches out, the smell of jasmine
fills my nostrils to delight.
Everything about her is unworldly,
a true beauty.
She is definitely a fantasy.

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