Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh my god. New blogger dashboard. And Poems!

It took me way to long to figure out how to make a new post. Blogger, sorry but I am NOT loving this new template!

Anyway, here are some more poems from the poem a day challenge! Sorry I haven't posted in so long, I definitely miss being here every day with new material. :(


Heaven between a folded blanket,
Oozing with inspiration and love.
A festival growing on my tongue,
With a hint of the afternoon sun.

Let's Explore!

There's a whole world out there,
waiting to be discovered.
All of it's secrets, raw and burried,
just wanting to be uncovered.
So get your wooden swords,
and your newspaper hats.
We'll march straight out the door,
and into the back -
Yard of mystery and excitement,
the bushes sway on cue -
as we venture towards them slowly,
working up the courage to pursue -
Whatever monster might emerge,
and try to eat us up. We'll show him -
Just who's boss. As we fall -
into giggles and laughter, when we discover -
our monster is our dog.

Micro Me

I stand there bare,
my whole life on showcase -
in my eyes.
But you didn't care,
even as I grew smaller into -
micro me.

Judging Others Isn't What We Do Best

We go through life with a gavel,
as if we have the right to judge.
We cheer as their path unravels,
even though it's one we all trudge.

We make remarks about those unstable,
when at night our own demons are there.
We pity those who have been disabled,
even though their skills aren't limited by chair.

We condemn those with different religions,
as if it's wrong to have hope and believe.
People sneer by whats made in our kitchens,
but it's all so silly, don't you agree?

If we all took the time to stop and think,
we'd find we're not much different.
Class isn't measured by money in the bank,
so don't go through life being ignorant.


Pink, orange, yellow, and blue -
washed out on a canvas.
Ripples and waves like ocean water.
Leaving droplets on the grass,
as it kisses night goodbye.

That Moment When

The sparks fly when we
feel the connection of our souls
melting into one.

(Day 19's poem was entered into a contest and therefore will not be posted here until the contest is over. btw: if you want to join in the challenge go here!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Now I'm all caught up!

I was behind on the prompts but luckily I just finished the latest one. Can't wait for tomorrow's!
Here it goes:

The first one is kind of a pathetic attempt. I will probably come back to this one later:

Word Poem

I was told to write a poem -
with the following words:
Slash, button, mask, strap, balloon;
but nothing came to.
So this is my poem.

It's Too Early

In the morn' I wake,
Sinus pressure I cannot shake.
My head feels funny,
My legs feel like I've been running.
As I make my way -
To the bathroom, my brain delays;
My feet scramble, I begin to fall -
Right into the hallway's wall.
I'm sure to be mixed up,
With my head sporting a nice huge bump.


Her voice whispering softy,
A glow emanating from behind.
She reaches out, the smell of jasmine
fills my nostrils to delight.
Everything about her is unworldly,
a true beauty.
She is definitely a fantasy.

Monday, April 16, 2012

More Poems!

Tornado Season

Destruction embarks rapidly,
As the clouds move forcefully,
Reaching the ground quickly,
Beating the atmosphere angrily.

I gaze out of the cellar's small window,
wondering if I'll see Dorthy.

Something Old, Something New, and Something Blue

The traditions we live by,
As we gather in celebration.
Someone's glorious day,
of collaboration.

Today embarks a new journey,
A new life, a new home.
A day we come together,
to watch love grow.

The thought has never scared me.
It's something I've planned to do.
I just hope I don't trip,
and knock over the groom.


I woke up feeling glum,
An ache from head to tum;
I left the window open -
the carpet wet from rain that soaked it.

I went out to the kitchen,
A breakfest I started fixin'
But then my toast caught fire,
a shortage in the wire.

So I left and went to work,
making green as a desk clerk.
I spilled my coffee on my lap,
When I moved something snapped.

My pants fell to the ground,
their button was air bound.
Hit my boss in the head,
As he yelled something bad.

I got suspended without pay,
so back in bed now I lay.
This day was really sucky,
but of course, I'm unlucky.

An End, A Beginning

The world -
consumes chaos;
then releasing fire.
Souls move forward to heaven's gate.
Start new.

( A Cinquain (2, 4, 6, 8, 2) )

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Challenge Rages On!

Hide and Seek

 I remember being young,
laughter on my tongue,
the world was nothing more,
than heaven's playground.

I use to close my eyes,
and like magic I'm disguised.
Nothing could touch me,
not here, not now.

I could hide away from,
everything that was falling down.
I could hide away from,
everything that I've now found out.

Didn't it use to be so easy?

My youth is now escaping,
the world I knew reshaping,
into something controlled by pride.
My eyes are open.

But alls I want to do is hide.


 His eyes on mine,
a connection floating -
between our souls.
A conversation,
no one else hears,
 sees, or knows.


I reach out,
I yell out,
A void surrounds,
My heart races,


Faded memories invade my mind, but
Vivid images seep through my eyes.
The shadows of the night taunt me,
like a fish on a lure, they've caught me.
Everything is turned upside down,
The people I love don't make a sound.
Nothing seems real but I play the game,
like a picture moving inside a frame.

Earth's Recital

The wind fights the leaves;
They move through the breeze, dancing;
Until the landing.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Art Continued

100% Over It

I'm 100% over it
But really, I'm just 99
Because you won't stop talking
Until you feel you've won the fight.

Your words can't physically hurt me
but they feel like a dull knife
Sketching straight into me
Leaving a raw path on my backside

I'm 100% over it
But really, I'm just 99
Go ahead and keep on talking
And I'll move on with my life.

100% Sugar Free
Idea by: Better Half

The label says sugar free -
but the jell-o is oh-so-sweet.
It wiggles & jiggles, colorful fun.
I love how it tastes, as it slides on my tongue.
But how it is sugar free, I am unsure.
It is sweet enough to me,
A delectable dessert.


The summer of 1793
started out like any other.
Hot, humid, busy with life.
 But it all came down, crashing -
A bandit in the night.

Now the temperature of my body,
wasn't from the sun above.
Their eyes met it's yellow hue,
but their souls didn't match up.
The city was caught in chaos.

We all tried to run,
escape it's grip on our fate.
But it reached out further,
than any of us could anticipate.
The fallen became the population.

As the air became chilled,
I stood quiet, breathless.
The frost dispersed, claiming peace.
I watched the recovery, the hope -
I fell to my knees.
The fever had finally broken.

Inspired by:
Fever 1793
By: Laurie Halse Anderson
Based on: The yellow fever epidemic that hit Philadelphia and wiped out over 5,000 people in three months.

Poetry speaks volumes.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Artsy Korner

gave me this link to "Poetic Asides" where all through April there is a poem a day challenge. Here are my first three prompts!

I'm Sending A Letter, Addressed To Your Heart

I'll be sending a letter, addressed to your heart
I hope that it makes it, I really worked hard
To express to you - my inner most feelings
Feeling raw and vulnerable, reaching
Will you reach back?

Not A Place In The World

You'll never understand how many times -
I've tried to wrap my head around -
The idea of you, standing in my doorway.
Not sure if I should let you in, close you out -
Or let you linger there, without a word.
Slamming your fingers between the door hinges,
more times than I can count.
And you'll never know how sorry I am,
There just doesn't seem to be room for you,
In my world.
My unwelcome welcomed visitor.

I'm Sorry! Really, I'm Not!

World turned upside down, but only momentarily
Before you're back to being you
And I'm stuck being me.
Angry and frustrated.
Guess we'll stick with open apologies.

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You'll be safe and sound
-Taylor Swift "Safe and Sound"

Monday, March 26, 2012

Flowers In Bloom

I was enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, but apparently it was just a tease. It went from the 70's last week to 37 degrees today. Ugh!

Thankfully our walk by the river was on a warm day and we got the treat of seeing flowers blooming, like these along the path.

"A hush is over everything, silent as women wait for love; The world is waiting for the spring."
- Sara Teasdale

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I like long walks by the... River

This past Friday my sister needed a ride to her friend's wedding rehearsal because she was participating as a bridesmaid. The location of the rehearsal was near the river-walk, so Better Half and I decided that we would kill time by going there. Even though it's really close to where I live, I had never been to the river-walk, though I had always planned to go one summer and walk it's whole length. I was really excited and nervous (I'm such a dork,) to finally get the chance to experience it.

And an amazing experience it was! When Better Half and I got parked and on the asphalted walk, we were greeted by the strumming of a guitar and a man singing at the Cafe/Restaurant just across the street. He was hooked up to stereos and a microphone, so the sound reached down most of the walk. It was like being straight out of a movie where the main characters are walking through this romantic scenery with music playing behind them. And it made it even better that the sun was setting. (ha!) But instead of cuddling up to Better Half, I was taking pictures. Guess you probably wouldn't see that in a movie. Not to mention that one section of the walk reeked of fish, in a really bad way. Ick!

All jokes aside, I really enjoyed being out there. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again soon. And now I have plenty of pictures to post in the upcoming days!

Where is one of your favorite places to go?

"Every moment is an experience."
- Jake Roberts