Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh my god. New blogger dashboard. And Poems!

It took me way to long to figure out how to make a new post. Blogger, sorry but I am NOT loving this new template!

Anyway, here are some more poems from the poem a day challenge! Sorry I haven't posted in so long, I definitely miss being here every day with new material. :(


Heaven between a folded blanket,
Oozing with inspiration and love.
A festival growing on my tongue,
With a hint of the afternoon sun.

Let's Explore!

There's a whole world out there,
waiting to be discovered.
All of it's secrets, raw and burried,
just wanting to be uncovered.
So get your wooden swords,
and your newspaper hats.
We'll march straight out the door,
and into the back -
Yard of mystery and excitement,
the bushes sway on cue -
as we venture towards them slowly,
working up the courage to pursue -
Whatever monster might emerge,
and try to eat us up. We'll show him -
Just who's boss. As we fall -
into giggles and laughter, when we discover -
our monster is our dog.

Micro Me

I stand there bare,
my whole life on showcase -
in my eyes.
But you didn't care,
even as I grew smaller into -
micro me.

Judging Others Isn't What We Do Best

We go through life with a gavel,
as if we have the right to judge.
We cheer as their path unravels,
even though it's one we all trudge.

We make remarks about those unstable,
when at night our own demons are there.
We pity those who have been disabled,
even though their skills aren't limited by chair.

We condemn those with different religions,
as if it's wrong to have hope and believe.
People sneer by whats made in our kitchens,
but it's all so silly, don't you agree?

If we all took the time to stop and think,
we'd find we're not much different.
Class isn't measured by money in the bank,
so don't go through life being ignorant.


Pink, orange, yellow, and blue -
washed out on a canvas.
Ripples and waves like ocean water.
Leaving droplets on the grass,
as it kisses night goodbye.

That Moment When

The sparks fly when we
feel the connection of our souls
melting into one.

(Day 19's poem was entered into a contest and therefore will not be posted here until the contest is over. btw: if you want to join in the challenge go here!

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  1. Ha, so you saw the "new look". Told you it was awful. I'm still getting used to it myself.

    I love all of these.

    "Quesadillas" makes me hungry.

    "Let's Explore" is fun and *funny*. I can see it all unfolding.

    "Micro Me" packs a big punch in a few words.

    "Judging Others Isn't What We Do Best" - You already know this brought me to tears. So much truth in this.

    "Morning" is like a breath of fresh air. A big, first opening your eyes in the morning sigh.

    "That Moment When" - Oh, you've captured love well here. Good job.