Monday, April 16, 2012

More Poems!

Tornado Season

Destruction embarks rapidly,
As the clouds move forcefully,
Reaching the ground quickly,
Beating the atmosphere angrily.

I gaze out of the cellar's small window,
wondering if I'll see Dorthy.

Something Old, Something New, and Something Blue

The traditions we live by,
As we gather in celebration.
Someone's glorious day,
of collaboration.

Today embarks a new journey,
A new life, a new home.
A day we come together,
to watch love grow.

The thought has never scared me.
It's something I've planned to do.
I just hope I don't trip,
and knock over the groom.


I woke up feeling glum,
An ache from head to tum;
I left the window open -
the carpet wet from rain that soaked it.

I went out to the kitchen,
A breakfest I started fixin'
But then my toast caught fire,
a shortage in the wire.

So I left and went to work,
making green as a desk clerk.
I spilled my coffee on my lap,
When I moved something snapped.

My pants fell to the ground,
their button was air bound.
Hit my boss in the head,
As he yelled something bad.

I got suspended without pay,
so back in bed now I lay.
This day was really sucky,
but of course, I'm unlucky.

An End, A Beginning

The world -
consumes chaos;
then releasing fire.
Souls move forward to heaven's gate.
Start new.

( A Cinquain (2, 4, 6, 8, 2) )

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  1. These are all great! Love the funny twists. Keep writing!