Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Challenge Rages On!

Hide and Seek

 I remember being young,
laughter on my tongue,
the world was nothing more,
than heaven's playground.

I use to close my eyes,
and like magic I'm disguised.
Nothing could touch me,
not here, not now.

I could hide away from,
everything that was falling down.
I could hide away from,
everything that I've now found out.

Didn't it use to be so easy?

My youth is now escaping,
the world I knew reshaping,
into something controlled by pride.
My eyes are open.

But alls I want to do is hide.


 His eyes on mine,
a connection floating -
between our souls.
A conversation,
no one else hears,
 sees, or knows.


I reach out,
I yell out,
A void surrounds,
My heart races,


Faded memories invade my mind, but
Vivid images seep through my eyes.
The shadows of the night taunt me,
like a fish on a lure, they've caught me.
Everything is turned upside down,
The people I love don't make a sound.
Nothing seems real but I play the game,
like a picture moving inside a frame.

Earth's Recital

The wind fights the leaves;
They move through the breeze, dancing;
Until the landing.

1 comment:

  1. These are all really good.

    I can relate to "Hide and Seek".

    "Bond" is just awesome!

    "Rejection" - another good one with lots of emotion.

    "Zzzz" - I like your take on the "shady" prompt. Nice!

    "Earth's Recital" - I can feel the breeze in this one. Refreshing. Great title, too.