Thursday, April 5, 2012

Art Continued

100% Over It

I'm 100% over it
But really, I'm just 99
Because you won't stop talking
Until you feel you've won the fight.

Your words can't physically hurt me
but they feel like a dull knife
Sketching straight into me
Leaving a raw path on my backside

I'm 100% over it
But really, I'm just 99
Go ahead and keep on talking
And I'll move on with my life.

100% Sugar Free
Idea by: Better Half

The label says sugar free -
but the jell-o is oh-so-sweet.
It wiggles & jiggles, colorful fun.
I love how it tastes, as it slides on my tongue.
But how it is sugar free, I am unsure.
It is sweet enough to me,
A delectable dessert.


The summer of 1793
started out like any other.
Hot, humid, busy with life.
 But it all came down, crashing -
A bandit in the night.

Now the temperature of my body,
wasn't from the sun above.
Their eyes met it's yellow hue,
but their souls didn't match up.
The city was caught in chaos.

We all tried to run,
escape it's grip on our fate.
But it reached out further,
than any of us could anticipate.
The fallen became the population.

As the air became chilled,
I stood quiet, breathless.
The frost dispersed, claiming peace.
I watched the recovery, the hope -
I fell to my knees.
The fever had finally broken.

Inspired by:
Fever 1793
By: Laurie Halse Anderson
Based on: The yellow fever epidemic that hit Philadelphia and wiped out over 5,000 people in three months.

Poetry speaks volumes.

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  1. I thought I'd commented on these. :/

    "100% Over It" has lots of raw emotion. Good stuff.

    "100% Sugar Free" is a delicious poem. Makes me want jello.

    What a picture "1793" paints. Well written. I like that it's based on a part of history.

    Love the photo!