Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednes It Going To Be Friday? Photo-A-Day - Wednesday, Novemeber 2nd

          It seems this week is going by faster than I expected it to, but I'm still being very impatient and wishing it was Friday already. Friday's bring adventure, a sense of relaxation, a feeling that the day is longer than the rest of the week. Wednesday brings... well. Wednesday just brings the joy of knowing that it is indeed almost Friday. It's funny too since I graduated High School last June. You wouldn't think I'd have a reason to complain about what day of the week it is.. and honestly, I don't. My theory is that the biggest thing everybody learns at school is how to wait for Friday. It just becomes habit.

for today's photo I wanted to incorporate the idea of what Friday means to me. I did not take this photo today, but have not revealed it to anyone yet. It will be brand new for everyone and I'd like to think that it counts as part of the challenge. I took this picture when "colorfulpen" and I went on a little escapade to find photo ops.

"There aren't enough days in the weekend."
- Rod Schmidt


  1. Great photo! I enjoy our "escapades". :)

  2. Thank you. :D I enjoy them too. It's a bummer it's so cold out right now. Hopefully we'll be able to figure something out. :)