Sunday, November 6, 2011

Photo-A-Day! Sunday, November 6th

It's been a nice relaxing Sunday. I've just been hanging around the house today, had yummy Quizno's for lunch, then went on a fast trip to Walmart. Nothing felt rushed, just kind of took it easy until it was decided what we'd do for the day.

For todays photo, I ventured into the back-yard. I've been wanting to take a picture of this subject for some time now, but never managed to get my lazy butt out there. With no new ideas on my mind and the clock winding down, I decided it was time to use this subject as todays photo.

It's kind of a funny story - where this big ol' tire came from. My better half's little brother, he likes to find things and bring them home to his family. This being one of those said things.
I actually really like this tire, too. It reminds me of my uncles tractor tire that I use to try and climb as a kid. Of course, the tractor tire was much larger, but it still gives me that since of nostalgia. Plus, it makes a real pretty picture!

"A photographer without a magazine behind him is like a farmer without fields."
- Norman Parkinson