Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Photo For Sweet Eyes

Hello everyone! As promised, I am back with a photo. However, I will be discontinuing my "photo-a-day" series. I feel awful about this decision but my inspiration has not yet returned and I do not feel ambitious enough to continue. I have been busy with personal affairs that need my full attention and the weather has not been extremely kind as to where I can go out and get busy with my camera.
Ultimately, I just didn't want to come back and say that the series was back on if I couldn't keep it up.
I do feel proud enough to say that I did commit for over 100 days, but now feel that I should go in a new direction.

Meaning, that my blog is not going to retire - but rather I will still post photos when I can, while continuing to do book reviews and other related items. Maybe someday I will do another challenge - whether it be with photography, writing, or other creative outlets. Thank you so much for any time you have spent following me on my journey and know that it has not yet ended, but taken a back road for now.

KeyRawr <3

"Be sweet, be good, and honest always."
- Emma Bunton

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  1. The jelly beans look yummy! Looking forward to whatever and whenever you decide to post next.