Sunday, March 25, 2012

I like long walks by the... River

This past Friday my sister needed a ride to her friend's wedding rehearsal because she was participating as a bridesmaid. The location of the rehearsal was near the river-walk, so Better Half and I decided that we would kill time by going there. Even though it's really close to where I live, I had never been to the river-walk, though I had always planned to go one summer and walk it's whole length. I was really excited and nervous (I'm such a dork,) to finally get the chance to experience it.

And an amazing experience it was! When Better Half and I got parked and on the asphalted walk, we were greeted by the strumming of a guitar and a man singing at the Cafe/Restaurant just across the street. He was hooked up to stereos and a microphone, so the sound reached down most of the walk. It was like being straight out of a movie where the main characters are walking through this romantic scenery with music playing behind them. And it made it even better that the sun was setting. (ha!) But instead of cuddling up to Better Half, I was taking pictures. Guess you probably wouldn't see that in a movie. Not to mention that one section of the walk reeked of fish, in a really bad way. Ick!

All jokes aside, I really enjoyed being out there. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again soon. And now I have plenty of pictures to post in the upcoming days!

Where is one of your favorite places to go?

"Every moment is an experience."
- Jake Roberts

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  1. Beautiful picture! It's like a painting. I'm glad you guys enjoyed your walk, and you got to take some more pictures. The live music does add a romantic element. The part about the stinky fish smell made me giggle. Yucky though, huh?

    I have so many favorite places. One of them is the lake or ponds to look at ducks.