Friday, February 10, 2012

Photo-A-Day! + Review - Friday, February 10th

I decided to mix today's photo post with a review because the subject of my picture was a gift given to me by better half, and it comes with a story.

About 2 years ago I was in Rite Aid with my mother, probably for a prescription or maybe just because. Near the doors of the store are displays, usually for new make up products. This particular time there were new perfumes on display and one of them caught my eye. It was a pretty red bottle, with a picture of a very pale female with bright red lips - it did not show anything above her lips or below her collarbone. The name of this perfume was VAMPIRE by Body Fantasies. I sprayed it on my wrist and loved it. It's very feminine, with a hint of musk but not enough to make you think it's a man's cologne. As you smell it,  layers of fruit and floral scents start to peel inside your nose. It becomes sweeter as time passes by.
Unfortunately, at this time I didn't have any money to spare to buy it. It was between 20 and 25 dollars then. I got home and regretted not purchasing it, sniffing my wrist for the last ruminates of the scent. I decided that the next time I went to Rite Aid I would buy it. Again, unfortunately when I got there it was no longer on display and none were stocked on the shelves alongside the other perfumes. I kept an eye out for it, looked in many stores, but never found it again.
Until about a week ago. I was in K-mart with better half and for whatever reason decided to check the fragrance aisle. I'm not even sure that I was looking for this perfume but there it was, right before my eyes. I gasped and let out a little screech of excitement. Even better? It was marked at 15 dollars now. I scooped it up, deciding whether or not to buy it now. Then better half took it from my hands and said - Valentines Day present.
I am currently sitting here, writing this post and sniffing my wrist between stops. I love this perfume, it's packaging, it's name! It's a Eau de Parfume so it's suppose to linger for awhile and I believe that it does. Body Fantasies are popular with their body sprays - which don't last for more than 10 minutes - so I was surprised that it stayed on so well. I would definitely recommend that you find this perfume and test it out. Here is a picture of it:

"My vampire fantasy is.. to satisfy my thirst with the scent of lust, desire, beauty, and immortality."
-Christina M.


  1. Ooo, pretty! Now I want to smell it. I'm so glad you find it again, and were able to get it. What a great Valentine's present! :)

    Great post.