Friday, November 11, 2011

Photo-A-Day! TGIF, November 11th

Happy 11-11-11 Everyone! What magical day.

For today's photo - Meet Mia!

A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes.
- Indian Proverb

This quote is very true to Mia. She has a very wild and hyper personality, always curious about what's outside the window. She also loves to cuddle. If she can get into your lap and curl up - she will.

  Mia was brought home by Better Half's younger brother. However, it is very clear that Mia is colorfulpen's baby. They have a very special relationship.

Very opposite of Dee - who likes to lounge and sleep - Mia is very playfull and absolutely LOVES to bite toes. Both of these cats have grown on me, which is funny since I'm allergic!

I guess that's what you get for being an animal lover.